Commenced in hongkong in 1991,
evolving from Arctec International
offering comprehensive service in overalldevelopment consultancy, urban planning,
architectural design, interior design ,
landscape design and project management.

is a network of specialist in architecture
and urban development. We formulate
strategic forms of collaboration with architects,
building consultants, designers, artists,
constructors and others to enter
and focus on the emphasis of
solving a singular problems to search for
the right solution.

We seek investigation on programme and
context, testing aspects in spatiality,
functionality and materiality to create an
innovative, sensual and intuitive architecture.
The client is considered as an integral part
of the team in order to establish a platform
which will allow the project to elevate beyond
the norm of a design process.
Cross-fertilization of ideas is an important
ingredient within the interdisciplinary framework
resulting in projects achieving greater level of
expectation and also enable all to benefit
from tradition, culture and design in order to
progress life ahead within the emerging market
and the global contemporary
cultural conditions.